Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hit the Road, Jack...No, Wait, That's Water

Hey Marcos? You were not kidding when you mentioned 'all the happenings in my life right now'.


Half an hour up to the -eyeballs- in foul-smelling water left over from the Great Sewage Saga, I've come to the conclusion that I'm Real Life's alternative to John Constantine. The water's not draining out of the kitchen from when housemate hosed it down, and we didn't realize that -under- the stove was a puddle of Stygian horror. We'll have to mop it out again tomorrow after one round today - it'll require two people and neither of us are feeling well tonight after that stench.

Oh, and that means I have to clean the bathroom -again- because we had to clean crap out of the mops. The bathroom cleaning usually leaves me with lower back pains that require me to take muscle relaxants if they're bad enough.

I can't take the muscle relaxants on a week night; I won't wake up the next day.

The only thing -good- out of all this is that next week, I'm going home for five days on break again.

And on -that- note, here's what I -really- feel like doing, from another hissing session sometime ago:

Now if only I could get a BIGGER cast-iron yoyo.


Laura said...

Yiiiiii. I'm sorry. :( Sympathy.

Nifty pic, tho'. That looks like it would be handy to have, potentially.

Shuku said...

I'd shape it into a cast iron GUPPY yoyo. :)

THAT would have potential and spiky edges!

Marcos Mateu said...

I see a script for a movie here...