Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cthulhu Bell and Other Random Thoughts

...So if 'taco' is 'octopus' in Japanese, does that make Taco Bell Cthulhu's own personal insidious project to lure all into the Great Deep with Nyarlahotep by disguising tentacle mind-altering goodness as the things we know as tacos?

Ahem. This image courtesy of my beloved brother who reminded me of the Japanese meaning when talking about music. All blame solely attached there.

In other news: I have picked out a shiny, new, custom-built computer system and I am happily drooling at the thought of it. Yes, after 8 years or more, I will have a -new- computer that is not a hand-me-down! I might even be able to get a tablet to go with it, like I've wanted for ages and ages...

I've been working on a piece quiet-like for about 2 weeks now, and haven't quite decided what to do with her yet. I was curious to see if I could do shading, because I never felt comfortable with it, so I did an exercise for practice.

And here she is!

Any suggestions most welcome! I want to keep a fairly stark aesthetic with her, and thought of maybe just detail on her face and shadow on the rest of her dress but my ideas are like sieves and many times don't hold water artistically that way.

And now to let Cthulhu devour my brain --err, I mean, work on a piece that's deadlined for next week. I'll post some of those studies later!


Marcelo Vignali said...

Shuku, I think you are approaching your rendering in the right way. By that I mean, first you create an interesting shape (like the mask of the face), and then you render the interior.

Here's a little constructive criticism. It would have been nice to allow the shape of the hands to intersect the shape of the face at the chin in order to create an even more interesting shape...then of course you'd have the opportunity to render the hands as well.

Hands aren't difficult to draw, provided you make sure the outside shape is correct. Then, rendering all the planes of the fingers is purely academic.

Shuku, thank you for showing interest in my Pumpkin Boy project. I'm curious, what do you think you could help me with? Do you know how to make those pumpkin-like ridges in his face? My blog has a picture of Pumpkin Boy standing, and you can see my five year old daughter's arm and leg behind him in order to get a sense of scale. My e-mail is You are welcome to contact me there to continue our conversation. I appreciate any help.

Eloise said...

I love her dress. WANT ONE.

I have nothing constructive to offer besides that. :->

Adolfo said...

Beautyfull ilustration (spanglish) la linea o contorno de la figura esta muy dinĂ¡mica