Friday, November 10, 2006

Rain. Pour. That Stuff.

Text message from my brother, 4am: Our van just burnt up. We lost everything. Please pray.

He's in a band, currently touring. All he could tell me since his phone was running out of battery, was that the van just went up in flames for no reason. There's nothing left of it, more or less. No one knows what happened. Thank GOD no one was hurt, everyone was ok. But they lost all their equipment, including the pride-of-his-heart drumset, all his snares and his cymbals. Which weren't insured. They're spending the night in Memphis right now, heading back to NY tomorrow.

Any good thoughts and prayers, I'd be grateful if you'd send it their way.

I'm just thankful he's alive.

Wonder if anyone wants a furguppy from the archives?


Laura said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that. He and the rest of the band are in my thoughts - I'm glad no one was injured, but...ouch.

Furguppy is distressingly cute.

constance said...

Gosh. That's quite bad, but luckily nobody's hurt. I'll pray for your brother and his band :)

That's one funny lookin' fish! :D

Shuku said...

Laura, thanks for the good thoughts *hug* Yes. GUPPY!

Constance, it's a furguppy! Which exists only in my disordered imagination but...yeah. Thankyou for the prayers. Much appreciated.

ALTAMIRA said...