Friday, November 17, 2006

Revenge...of the LAPTOP!

First a disclaimer: the following was entirely Marcos' fault. The image his comment conjured up stayed in my head all afternoon to the point where I doodled around between patients just to see how to lay it all out.

So! Specially for you, Marcos, I present my very first comic page ever - *cue DUN DUN DUN music* The Laptop's Revenge:

Top points to anyone who can name which show and which episode, precisely, the title parodies. Because dude, you're as obscure-geekish as ME and that's SCARY.


DaMyst said...

Marcos, please do me a favour and convince my stubborn sis to actually START a strip somewhere. Thank you. :P

Mauricio said...


Have a nice weekend!

Rafael Arjona said...

Very ingenious

Alina Chau said...

That's a fun page of story!!