Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rain Rain Come NOW (But Only When I'm Sleeping)

I love rain, and there seems to be quite a bit of it floating around at this point. I do object to being drenched two days in a row, nevertheless. If it's going to pour, do it when I'm sleeping! That way I can definitely have an excuse to curl up under the blankets and snooze.

The Saga of the Computer continues. I replaced the network card. Computer still refuses to work. So I've started pricing new systems. The scanner refuses to work with the laptop. Yeah, I'm upholding my record for Comic Book Life *coughMarcoscough*

Given everything that's going on right now (including trying to stop reacting to dust in this place) I think I could use a little of my version of this:

Lady Luck of the Origami Fortuneteller. She was one of my first complete pieces about 2 years ago, and she's oil crayons, ink, and half-dry magic markers which I almost threw away but didn't. I discovered that those do -marvellous- things over oil crayons; adds a whole new layer of richness and texture.

Not throwing all my old art supplies -really- comes in handy sometimes!


Kansai Kitsune said...

*flail* She's adorable!

Now I just need her to help me make good rolls in Dungeons & Dragons. Does she help geeks, or just gamblers? :)

Sketch Club said...

I can see your laptop flying out of your window (you throwing it away obviously), floating down the flooded street, going into the sewer system, and (please wear a helmet these days while at home) falling on your head after it comes back through your kitchen water pipes...!

Marcos Mateu said...

That was me by the way...

Shuku said...

*chokes laughing* Marcos, that's such a scary but probably accurate image. This is an obvious encouragement to draw the comic, isn't it? Thanks, I needed the laugh. Today's awful.

Kitsune: FOXIE! PURR! Yes, I think she helps geeks. She has to. It's the fortuneteller.