Sunday, November 12, 2006

Movie, Anyone?

All right. I give up. WAY give up.

I come back from vacation. Enough drama, right, you'd think?


Of -course- not. My desktop network card is fried. I thought it was the modem but by sheer fluke I plugged the modem into my laptop - and it worked FINE. So it looks like the network card.

Not to mention I got soaked getting ONTO the bus yesterday and today when I went to get a wireless USB port as well as a new cable in the hopes that it would fix the problem. As it turns out I didn't need the wireless port and the problem ISN'T the modem, but it'll come in handy anyway since I've been planning on getting one for a while.


Or maybe I just need a new computer altogether since 128 megs of RAM and Win 98SE is kind of obsolete. It's amazing it runs everything it needs to - Photoshop, my music stuff, the lot. But it may be time to start looking at a new machine with at least 1 gig processing speed.

So while I'm still scanning and transferring stuff, have something from the archives:


constance said...

Hmmm....I really don't know much about fishes (except, that I love salmon and ikan merah - they are delicious!) but these beautiful guppies illustrations of yours - do they exist? They really have furs?...and most importantly, are they delicious? :D (just joking)

Have a great week ahead :)

Shuku said...

Guppies exist - but not the furry ones! Those exist within the confines (and sometimes outside) of my disordered imagination. They -might- be delicious but there'd be a whole lot of fur you'd have to pick through - even most cats don't have the patience for that!

Wow, brothers in the entertainment business. That's something, yeah. And yes, we should sketch together! As for sketching in public...well, we could hide behind people and big books at Kinokuniya maybe or bring huge umbrellas...

marcobucci said...

Cool sketch! Yeah, computers suck don't they? Might be cheaper in the long run to buy a new one.

Marcos Mateu said...

Ok, maybe instead of a movie you should make this into a comic strip ! Could be cool actually...

Shuku said...

Marco: Yeah, I've been thinking about getting a new one already. Computers -stink- that way! I just didn't expect to have to get it so -soon-.

Marcos: Oh lord. Comic strip of my life would frighten any sane person out of their wits. It'd be worse than El Diablo. Imagine superhero powers of being able to cause sewage to fall onto the heads of anyone you wanted to...uhh. Actually that's kind of cool.