Saturday, April 11, 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 9

Prompt: Shaped poem. Or at least, some semblance of shamisen shape, anyways.

Shamisen'ya No Yuuji, or Yuuji of the Shamisen Shop, is my favourite character in a very old Japanese TV series, 'Hissatsu Shigotonin'. By day he repairs and makes shamisen in the shop that he and his mother own; by night he's an assassin who despatches his victims with shamisen strings via hanging or strangulation.

#9: Shamisen'ya No Yuuji

There is artistry in the plucking
Of a shamisen string
And the taking of a life.
It is all in the skill, the fingers.
Amazing that so thin a line of silk
Can sing so mournful a tune
And also hang a man.

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