Thursday, April 16, 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 14

I did fall asleep in biology class once. Except I fell backwards and hit my head on the tap on the sink behind me, which was certainly less than dignified.


The samurai sitting at the edge of my bed
Is the wrong shape, size and colour –
They don’t come in pink as far as I know
Nor do they wield polka dotted swords
Or have the Animaniacs as retainers,
Singing ‘Bali Hai’ with kazoos.
Or maybe not.
It sounds more like the Alphabet Song
And something about exploding elements
Carbon derivatives – isn’t that farting?
Please kiss me… wait, did I say that out loud
Or did I think it?
(I’m drooling. It’s not dignified.)
I must have because he’s leaning in and –


“…If you’re quite finished sleeping in class, Miss Kusanagi
Perhaps you would be so good as to pick up your stool
Remove yourself from the floor
And attend to this lesson on organic chemistry.”

Duly chastised, I attend.

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