Wednesday, April 08, 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 7

For all the research I've done into Japanese cultural history, it never really registered that one of the Three Sacred Treasures was the Kusanagi sword. Until today. Which led to a sort of random connection leap to Ghost In The Shell and Major Kusanagi, and even more random speculation about the possibility of the Kusanagi part of it being a link between past and present, and... you get the picture. Congratulations if you're confused - I am too. The fascinating details of the mythology itself can be found in the Kojiki.

#7: Kusanagi

There is, in my distant memory
An echo of something more ancient than time:
Blinding light, utter darkness
The throb of blood in the ears
The rushing of many waters.
A malfunction of neural circuitry, they say
Easy enough with cybernetics as complex as mine.
False memories – not so unusual
In an augmented cyborg body
But for all their science the technicians
Can’t explain this odd… connection?
If that be the word:
A flash of déjà vu - open grassland
Under a blazing sky, comets of fiery arrows
Sword steel forged in the fires of the gods
And a strange power coursing through my veins.
Like a goddess I rise
One with the grass and the blade.

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