Sunday, April 19, 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 18

Prompt: An urgent message and urgent journey / travel, historical, fictional, or fantastical. I seem to have chosen 'Melodramatic' (and no, I don't have a husband, but the scenario was amusing enough to latch onto my brain.)


My cell phone is off for my date of the night:
Fine dining for dinner sounds just about right.

My husband’s been given instructions for food:
Lasagna in freezer. Reheat, and it’s good.

PS: The restaurant’s on XXX Street.
And now, let me finally savour my treat –

A lamb rack so tender, potatoes so smooth
A chocolate dessert to relax and to soothe.

Behold my alarm when my husband I see
Umbrella’d and drenched, running right up to me!

The house is on fire or flooded by rain!
Catastrophic visions dance wild in my brain!

Or possibly family’s in trouble – oh dear
Deceased is more likely, for him to come here…

I clutch at his sleeve. “Quickly! Tell me who died!”
“How do you turn on the oven?” he cried.

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