Thursday, April 16, 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 15

Three years ago today, my oldest friend from university passed away suddenly, leaving a huge, irreplaceable hole in my life. Sha and Van are the two defining characters that we played on an online RPG, and it felt only right to honour his memory for today's piece.

For Brian
The horizon’s dark with a faint glow
Blooming where cityscape meets sky -
Deep purple ombre against a starless night
Buildings in silhouette like Chinese paper cuts
And I wonder if this is the view that Sha and Van
Fell asleep to in each new Fringe port
Uncertain about tomorrow, content enough
To know they would face it together
Till chance parting, or death
Or both.
Only one of us watches now, separated
By that insidious ‘both’
But the same constellations smile down
As those that we walked under
So many summers ago and if I really try
I can still hear echoes of our laughter
Far far away in that Neverland
Where memories never grow old.

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