Friday, April 08, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016: Day 6 - Burger Beatitudes

#6: Burger Beatitudes
Prompt: Food

The origins of the ubiquitous burger are surprisingly complex.
Burger, originally Hamburger - a demonym of Hamburg
Where 'Burg' means 'fortified settlement' or 'fortified refuge'.
In truth, this is an apt description:
A meat pattie bulwarked top and bottom by
Two halves of a bun.
If it was ever made out of minced Hamburg citizens
That is mercifully lost in the mists of history.
Whatever its true origins, in many cultures
The burger is comfort food. Sit-together-and-bitch food.
Cry-on-a-shoulder-from-a-broken-heart food.
Solitary-TV-dinner food, yes, but also: community food.
This is late-night-food, where Elaine and I do life:
Elaine with her broad smiling face, her laughter
That could make enemies set down arms
To laugh with her as well, and I think, as always
How stupid the men are for passing her by, letting her go
Without ever discovering the wicked humour
Beneath the surface, the heart so big
It could hold the universe with room leftover
For a few more who need to be loved and cared for.
Life done between burgers and bitching
Fries and friendship, ice-cream and I-scream
Soul food. Community food. Love.

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