Tuesday, October 02, 2018

OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 2: Love Notes To Mama

Today's theme was 'Poems and Notes', and the suggested forms were the tanka and the cinquain, neither of which I've actually tried before, so it was a pretty interesting challenge. And because I've never tried them, I decided to write one of each too. Way to go, brain.

And of course, thinking about notes made me imagine notes children might leave for their parents, especially their mothers - and took a much darker tone than expected. It started out just by wondering what sort of notes babies might leave for their parents if they could, and then things just spiralled down the rabbit hole.

Why oh why can't my brain just do the easy thing instead?


1. Isaiah Renard Kelly, 15 months old

‘Isaiah Renard Keller was only 15 months old when he died Jan. 22, his face and mouth wrapped as punishment for crying until he asphyxiated in a Ramona Boulevard motel room, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said. After months of investigation that included interviews with two of his siblings and a final autopsy report calling the baby’s death a homicide, Isaiah’s mother and boyfriend were arrested Thursday, the Sheriff’s Office said.’

- The Florida Times Union, April 28, 2017

Yesterday I died.
Mama, she screamed SHUT UP NOW
wrapped my face and mouth
with cloth. Mama. Mama. I’m
sorry. I’m sorry I cried.

2. Cheah Xin Hui, 15 years old

‘In the [suicide] note for her mother, written in Chinese characters, Cheah apologised to her for causing her much grief and anguish. She also said that what happened was her fault and there was no need for her mother to feel guilty. “After I leave (this world), you can discuss with him to get a divorce. I cannot bear to see you cry because of him anymore,” she had said, referring to her stepfather.’

- New Straits Times, 1 October, 2018

Ma, please.
Get a divorce.
Please don’t cry any more.
He’s not worth your time. I’m sorry
for disappointing you. Don’t mourn
for me.


ms_lili said...

human nature? anything a human can do is part of it. what does that say for humans....

Shuku said...

I don't know, Lili, but I do know that they can behave in the most heartbreaking way and none of it is ever predictable. Even the ways of love.