Monday, October 15, 2018

OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 14: Mirror Mirror

So today, the suggested form was a shaped poem, and the theme was, If I Were Me.

Shaped, fine, shaped on the computer? Maaaaaybe not, I don't have the patience.

So I wrote the thing first, and shaped it the way I know best - with hand lettering. Poem included below, because it's not really legible without it (and that's bad design, I know, but.) You'll have to click on the picture itself to enlarge it because my HTML-fu isn't good enough to alter the sidebar widths so the large picture shows properly.

caged with words
corseted by expectations
you’re a nail to be hammered down they said
the ash from burnt garbage
a pigeon pecking the ground watching eagles soar

until the mirror showed me
not a nail but a sword
not ash but inferno
not a pigeon but a phoenix


Jane Dougherty said...

This is lovely! I don't go for shapes much, you can't ever read the words properly, but I love the design of this one. What's Octowrimo?

Shuku said...

Jane! Well, apparently, October is a poetry writing month as well, and I never knew about it till last month. I decided to join in, since I need a kick in the behind to actually *write* new stuff. Thank you re: the shape! I don't do them often either, they take time and I've never yet found a way you can read them properly. Maybe one day I'll manage the impossible!

paeansunplugged said...

This is fantastic. So powerful!

Shuku said...

Thank you so much! It took a bit of time to write, but the shape took finicky!

Merril D. Smith said...

Lovely poem and your drawing/shape is beautiful. I'm impressed!
I didn't know about the Octowrimo either.

Shuku said...

Merril! So glad to see you! Thank you so much - I've rediscovered how irritating shaped poems can sometimes be, because I have so little patience these days...

Well now you know about OctPo, but you're writing every day already so you're way ahead of the game there!