Monday, October 01, 2018

OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 1: Sabah Chief Minister Suggests Studying Lowering Child Marriage Age To 14

Every year I tell myself I shouldn't get myself into these writing things, since I'm typically busiest during the times they're held. I said that in April.

I said that two weeks ago too. 

Let's see how this turns out.

(Malay Mail Sept 23rd, 2018)

so how deep are you going to go into your wife
that nine year old eleven year old fifteen year old girl child
spreading her legs for you on the marriage bed
made legal by the ustaz who bound you together
in the holy estate of matrimony
estate yes virgin estate a forest of dreams
for you to cut down one by one by one
dug out by the roots so she can be replanted
with the sticky barbed seeds of your lust
tangled roots growing through her
pinning her in place a grotesque trophy
thirty-six thirty-four thirty years younger
than your hoary forty-five and eager ageless cock

keep her in place yes keep her in her place
her place in your bed her place in the barred castle
of what you call home her place as a receptacle
for the lusts that cast a covetous eye
on the seven year old across the street
keep her in place where she can never change the world
or act against the establishment
that deems all girls prey for men like you

she waits a tame Khadijah in chains
spreading her legs for you on the marriage bed
cradling the doll whose innocent mask-like face
mirrors her own

Link: Background story here.


Sam Alle said...

The rage and injustice pour out of your words here. Thank you for being strong enough to write this!

Shuku said...

Thank you Sam! I am definitely angry - we've been fighting this epidemic here, but it's proving to be insidiously difficult to kill, and politicians, of course, won't make a ruling about it. Children are not brides! Or grooms!

Jesi Scott said...

How powerful, Shuku.

How brave of you to write and how important to get your voice heard on such a terrible subject. Yes, we can feel your anger, and others should too. Children should be allowed to be children and it's terrifying that these young girls are, in my own opinion, being raped despite the "legal" marriage.

Keep fighting. Keep shouting. Hopefully, one day everything will change.

Great poem.

Shuku said...

Thank you so much Jesi. Hopefully yes, one day everything will change. Right now the best I can do is fight, and write, and others are doing the same. Hopefully that will make a difference at least a little.

Jenny said...

Oh my - this was incredibly powerful and raw. So important to be said, loudly to all who can hear. Thank you for this.

sticky barbed seeds -- the agony of the imagery.

Great poem

ms_lili said...

so many feelings while reading. revulsion and hatred for the patriarchy. such sorrow and empathy for these tiny pawns in a monstrous evil institution

payal agarwal said...

A brave write. Powerful!

ChristineB said...

Wow! Amazing strength to write something so powerful. Well dome!

Jane Dougherty said...

Raw and angry, as it should be for such a disgusting 'tradition'. Why is it that so many things that have the tag/excuse 'tradition' stuck on them are disgusting?