Saturday, October 21, 2006



We played to three shows - 2 full and one almost full - and it went off -so- well. The quartet rocked the house. They did so well, I cried off-stage when we got done. It was one of the best shows we've done I think. People want to hear it in another state! They want the same program! And for the cast party I dressed up as Cloud, complete with blond hair, and it went off well and...

Yeah. It was a good show.

And now I am on vacation after two of the craziest weeks ever since the show ended. Work has been absolutely and totally insane. It's been so stressy everything's been making me cry. But since it's Deepavali and Hari Raya and my boss abruptly took Monday off I get to GO HOME till Wednesday! I haven't been home for 7 months over, and it's just lovely to be back to see my parents and my fish and the guppies and my dog. I plan on having a lovely few days before going back to work, definitely.

Oh, yes, the artistic muse bit my brain the other night when I was doing some work on a character. Captain Jishu Kijahng Thalasa, and her best friend, Quinton Arundell, sitting in the sun being cheeky. It's kind of big an image so it's got to go behind a cut. It wasn't even going to be a proper sketch, and it's still pretty rough's not the best thing ever but I'm happy with it because of the expressions. I never finish anything and this time I did!

So, without further ado: Introducing Jishu and Quin!

Maybe I'll do some more sketching later, but for now this redhead is going to relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax.

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Laura said...

I'm so glad the concert went well. And yay for vacations and nifty sketches!