Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blossoms, Homecomings, and Domestic Disasters

Four hours, rest-stop-jammed-up-to-highway, and tons of rain later, I'm finally back in my apartment.

Only to discover that my upstairs neighbours have once again clogged up the water pipes and pounded a broomstick or something down the u-bend - resulting in the ENTIRE lot of sewage, rotting food and foul water coming down onto our kitchen. AGAIN. Yes, this happened last year and I was the only one at home to clean it up. This year it was my housemate's turn.

We'd rather skip that yearly duty and move onto greener pastures, thankyouverymuch.

And since upstairs won't pay for the damage and we're going to have to get a plumber in to fix it and, and, and...

Never mind. I'm throwing someone off the balcony tomorrow and it'll be one of the upstairs neighbours if they don't cough up compensation.

Oh, and someone stole our mop off the balcony as well. A MOP. I've no idea why and I don't think I want to know either but...a MOP.

In other news, as promised, the flowers I drew from dinner the other night. I'm not entirely too pleased with the way the colours came out - I am -so- not good with watercolour - but it's an attempt and I'm glad of that, at least.


Marcos Mateu said...

Hey, now I get what you meant by "terrible day".
And it's once a year. Nice.

That's the good thing about the net though, fifteen years ago it would have been lonely misery for a few days, now at least you can go to 'the blog' and let it all out!

I'm amazed you still had the energy to get to your watercolors after something like this !

Shuku said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marcos! And...yeah it was a lousy, terrible, no good very bad day indeed. I had to destress though, -somehow-.

Yup. The blog is a GODSEND. You've inspired me to go start sketching again. I cannot tell you just how good it's been to look at your work and feel myself wanting to be creative after such a long, LONG artistic hiatus. :)

Adolfo said...

Muy delicado pero a la vez con mucha soltura, yo no se ingles, pero lo expreso en mi idioma, te felicito (congratulations)

Shuku said...

Adolfo, ¡muchas gracias for the kind words and your visit!