Saturday, April 07, 2018

NaPoWriMo Day 6: Prayer

Prompt: Write a poem that stretches your comfort zone with line breaks. That could be a poem with very long lines, or very short lines. Or a poem that blends the two. You might break to emphasize (or de-emphasize) sounds or rhymes, or to create a moment of hesitation in the middle of a thought.


Be anything everything but not gone I wake up to this this this name no name you not you an aborted embryo of a thought in the coffin of my mind mind mind mine minefield field f d g k t sh consonants with no vowels a gasp of air air eh aaaaa ahhh ahh ah in a vacuum your mouth opens wide like a great misshapen flower and all that comes out is ah – eh –
word bubbles dis
                            ving into e       m       p       t       y        s      p        a         c       e
                and all that’s left is
                                      a  f  t e r  t   h  o u   g  ht
                                            f a   d    i    n   g      a f t  e  r    i  m   a   g   e
                                                      dis    si     pated  sm     oke from the last put
                                                                                                                            of dwarf


Anonymous said...

Wow! That leaves me gasping for air, also!

How did you do the formatting? I always struggle to get my html/css accepted... ;)

Shuku said...

Hi there! Thank you for reading the Experiment!

Yes, the formatting is a little bit insane, it took a while to get it how I wanted it. I usually write everything out in a word processor first, and then I'll cut and paste. And *then* I'll go in and manually tweak everything on preview until it's the way I wanted it.

I'm sure there's a way to do it that's a lot faster, but so far, I haven't found it (I can do basic HTML coding, but that's about it sadly!) G'luck and I hope you do find a better way to do it!

paeansunplugged said...

Really wow!

Elizabeth Boquet said...

Yes, seriously, WOW!

Shuku said...

Paeansunplugged and Elizabeth, thank you so much! Prompts = experiments; I don't normally write in this style, but any stretch is a good stretch. So glad it resonates!

Jenni Astramowicz said...

Fantastic! I adored this!

Shuku said...

Thank you so much Jenni! Glad you enjoyed the Experiment and thank you for visiting!

Linda Crosfield said...

Good one! Line breaks are always interesting and you really took it to another level.

Shuku said...

Thank you Linda! It was definitely an experiment I'd like to do more of!

Anjum Wasim Dar said...

amazing lines and composition