Thursday, June 28, 2012

Post-Musical Fatigue

One word to describe the last two months:


Choir competition season will be officially over on 1st July, but for weeks on end it's been training, stress, hair-pulling, and all manner of insanity. This year though, there were unexpected and absolutely rewarding payoffs: all my school choirs placed in their district competitions. 2nd and 3rd places for the two secondary schools, 3rd place for the primary school - a huge achievement for the students, who have worked so, so very hard.

My youth chamber choir has also done me proud by taking a Distinction in their Trinity Gold Level Choral Assessment. So all in all, I am a very proud and happy musical 'mama'!

Add to that Jason Robert Brown's 'Songs For A New World', which just finished its run this weekend, performed by the vocal quartet I sing with, and there you have it. Between rehearsals and choir competitions and job and everything else, it's been insanely busy but character-building!

I haven't had time to do anything with the blowtorch or wire or any metals, which I'm hoping to remedy when July comes up. I did, however, manage to rustle up a rusty something-or-other one night when my brain was going completely bugnuts:

This is Jess, from a series of stories a friend and I had fun writing back in the day. She is 16, and has the attitude of a disgruntled, vocal porcupine. And also, just maybe, a little dangerous.

Oh July, July, just a few more days!