Friday, September 11, 2009

Talisman: Warding Earrings

Some time ago, in an attempt to get out of my creative slump, I played around with my stash of annealed steel wire and some lovely blue-grey top-drilled pearls. This resulted in two lovely little pearl-wrapped links that I had no idea what to do with. I put them away, hoping that I hadn't wasted my time and that they'd come in handy some day.

Recently, a dear friend of mine - the Other Half of what's been fondly dubbed the Disaster Duo (me being the Next Half) - requested a pair of earrings with the words Be and Gone. There's a very amusing story behind that which isn't appropriate to tell here, but suffice to say we promptly christened them the Talisman Earrings of Warding.

Lo and behold! After trying to figure out materials to use to complement the black lacquered shell discs and the grunged-up type, I pulled out the pearl-wrapped links and they were absolutely perfect!

Sherri dear, I proudly present the Earrings of Warding and I hope you like them as much as I loved making them! They measure slightly over 2.5" from earhook to dangle.

Talisman: Warding Earrings: 24ga and 19ga annealed steel wire, top-drilled pearls, lacquered shell discs, paper, acrylic paints, mixed metal findings.

Trying to photograph these little beauties was a challenge. I have no idea why...

Who'dathunk steel wire and pearls would actually go together so well. It's something to keep in mind for future projects!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sanctuary, Sanctuary

Sounded like an angel singing somewhere
Sounded like an angel singing
'Sanctuary, sanctuary...let me be your
Sanctuary, sanctuary...
When you cannot find the light
Of your own shining star
I will help you to remember
Who you truly are...'

--'Sanctuary', Joshua Kadison

Listening to Joshua Kadison's 'Venice Beach Sessions' in a somewhat contemplative mood after a few weeks of creative block resulted in this piece, inspired by his beautiful song 'Sanctuary'. That and I'd wanted to try the very interesting wrapped pod pendant I'd seen on Deryn Mentock's challenge piece - I don't have the book but I thought it might be worth a try, and it was!

Sanctuary: 18ga and 22ga copper wire, 20ga silver-plated wire, felt, glass and acrylic seed beads, vintage faux bronze pearls, vintage gold beads, foil glass twist beads, brass bead caps, gauze ribbon, bugle beads, Swarovski black pearls, mixed metal findings, Czech fire polish crystals, faux green pearl, vintage crystal chaton montee.

I wrapped the pod out of felt after a few trial and errors, filled it with some beautiful green Czech fire polish crystals, a faux pearl and a spacer. It came together very nicely after some skirmish with the wire, and I added a sprinkling of red seed beads for colour. It reminded me of being wrapped up and safe. I added a crystal dangle to see if it would look better, and I think it did.

I chose a rather earthy palette for the beads - somehow, Sanctuary brought up images of peaceful oceans and sky, so I used colours that I thought might reflect that. I sprinkled it through with a few vintage golden seed beads too, like sunlight.

For some contrast to the strung beads and to soften the necklace profile somewhat, I added a length of ruched gauze ribbon gathered with a series of seed beads. Couldn't resist putting in a tiny little vintage chaton montee dangle at the edge of the connector, just for colour!

I might add a little tag with 'Sanctuary' on it, but I'll wait for my font printouts tonight before I do that. All in all, I'm pleased with this! I do need to find a model to wear it so I can photograph it on a stand...hmmm, I need to start looking around for a mannequin at this rate unless I can find some other creative ideas to photograph necklaces.

...And I wound up photographing myself wearing Sanctuary, just to give an idea of how it falls. Not the greatest shot in the world, but it will do for now. The entire necklace measures approximately 16.5" from top to dangle.