Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saddle Up Your Horses...

...we've gotta trail to blaze. Or so go the words to Steven Curtis Chapman's 'Great Adventure' but at any rate, I've been saddling up for a great many things happening, hence the abrupt absence. Many apologies! Didn't mean to worry people...

Summary of events as follows: Choir rehearsals, chamber choir rehearsals, concert rehearsals and rehearsals and rehearsals and food poisoning and rehearsals and work and back spasms and agony and stress and get the point. I'm out every night for practices of some sort or another! But this should slow down after this week when my performance on the 30th is over.

Speaking of which! Constance! Just for you, here is the information on when the next performance is!

The Rojak Interludes: A Night of Original Compositions
with Suk Yin, Tammie and Max
featuring not just alternative rock songs but also blues, swing, funky pop, and all that jazz…
TIME: June 30th, 8pm
VENUE: Young Choral Association
114A Jln. Burhanuddin
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
60000 KL
(Same row as CIMB bank, above Star Enterprises stationary shop)
ADMISSION: Donation RM10

Would love to see people there; it's my debut as a main performer! I am Scared. This is a fact. I'm still trying to finish writing one of the four songs we're each singing...

And because I feel terribly guilty about not having sketched a -whole- lot during this mind-destroyingly stressed period, I attempted to rectify this today by trying to draw Sergeant Frederick 'Saint' Jackson and Corporal Dayang Suleika Tangywn Hafiz. I've nicknamed them the Adrenaline Junkies, because for them, a -good- date means going landboarding till one of them (Suleika likely) falls off from the vibration and bounces on the tarmac a bit, or dropping out of parachutes from High Altitudes. It's rough, and it's not good, but it's a -start-:

Now to try and relax so my back doesn't -spasm- so badly I have to lie down...

PS: Surf's Up is OUT in theatres here! *cheers* Guess what I'm planning to go see when I have a spare moment!