Sunday, August 22, 2010

Celebrations and Catching Up

So before this update gets even tardier, let me just set the record straight:

1) I'm back from China!

2) We won three Gold Diplomas - Gold IV in Folklore with the Young KL Singers, Gold V in Jazz with my quartet, Caipifruta, and Gold II in Pop, also with Caipifruta.

3) Overall the Malaysian contingent came back with their heads high - the MIA Ladies Chorus were the champions in their category, winning a Gold medal in the category for Female Chamber Choirs! Not only that, the Malaysian choirs scored a total of about 7 gold medals and 5 silvers - not a single bronze, how about that for hard work. YEAH.

4) I'm moving house so it might be another stretch before I update again. Hopefully not -too- long a stretch of time.

So, before I dash off to pack, let me leave you with a few photographs from China:

The Caipifruta Vocal Quartet, doing soundcheck for the Jazz competition.

More soundchecking! It was also 8am in the morning, so those smiles were partly for our own benefit as was kind of too early to be singing ANYTHING, let alone jazz.

The quartet just before the Pop competition. Twiggy pose!

Don't remember who took this photo, but here are the Girls being all model-like.

And we pose for a postcard...

All the above photographs (except the disclaimered one) taken by our amazing pianist, Tay Cher Siang, who is an equally amazing photographer. I mean, just -look- at those shots!

More updates when I finish The Move of Doom - but if you really do want to know what I've been up to for the last month and before, hop on over to the Caipifruta Blog for a more detailed explanation. There's even pictures!