Friday, May 08, 2009

Dames, Hearts, Stars

'The dame's scream hit an octave usually reserved for calling dogs, but it meant I had a case, and the sound of greenbacks slapping across my palm is music to -my- ears any day. After all, I'm not an opera critic. I'm a private eye.'

--Tracer Bullet, Calvin and Hobbes

That's probably one of the most memorable opening lines I've ever come across in all my readings, and I read a lot (my friends have had to stop me reading at some points in my life, it's gotten that bad before.) Tracer Bullet, hard-boiled noir detective and Calvin's alter ego - I salute Bill Watterson, I really do. Tracer Bullet is sheer -genius- and one of my favourite comic characters ever.

Which would explain why inspiration grabbed my brain, shook it, turned it upside down, and disgorged this:

Tracer Bullet: 19ga and 24ga annealed steel wire, Czech glass beads.

Yep, it's a Tracer Bullet bracelet, all black and white for that classic noir effect. Why hearts, stars and flowers, you might ask, since Calvin's never been one for any of those...

Hearts for the calisthenics that Tracer Bullet gets when a brunette client opens his door, stars for the beating up he gets from the requisite goons, and flowers -- well, Dames of course!

Here is the link to the Tracer Bullet strip that was inspiration for this, and you'll see where all the hearts, stars and flowers fit in. Weird place for inspiration, but it apparently happens! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I still do.


Stacie said...

Love black and white! And I am going to have to check out Calvin and Hobbs now...great quote!

cdeboda said...

Thanks for "pointing and laughing"! :\ Cool creations btw...HUGE fan of Calvin and Hobbs myself. Also like the noir quality.

Swati said...

Love Calvin and Hobbes, and love your creation as well :-).

Shuku said...

Stacie, you're not going to regret checking out Calvin and Hobbes! It's fantastic and so funny!

Chris, hey, as long as you updated I'm happy ;) You know I love seeing your work. Calvin and Hobbes rocks MUCH.

Swati, thank you, yes, isn't Watterson great? Love, love love!