Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lo, The Fruits of Madness

...which result in 3.20am bedtimes for young women who obviously don't know the value of the perfection that is sleep.

To be fair, it was my intention to go to bed somewhat early. It was a perfectly good intention. It's also what the road to hell is paved with, so I've just added a new cobblestone to the already wide and bumpy path.

But I got caught up in the Coiled Earrings Tutorial, by the lovely Corra of de Cor's Handmades - do check the lady out, she is a marvellous jewellery artist with such an elegant touch! - and being stubborn, refused to go to bed till I'd mastered the Inanimate Objects that are wire and beads.

It was worth it mind, even if I made a total and utter imbecile mess of the top of it - one bead was a bit too recessed, and I yanked too hard at the wire with my pliers, thus breaking it and having to scramble to attempt and repair the damage. All the little imperfections bug me like no tomorrow; there goes my perfectionist streak again.

Tonight, I -attempt- to sleep. But since I'm already fiddling with wires to make the second half of that pair of earrings...ahem.


Laura said...


de Cor's said...

Oh dear... I hope you got enough rest by now. You are doing well, Shuku, practice makes perfect okay?! I look forward for the second side of the earrings!

Mei said...

Wow! you made it Shuku. Very well done. Hope to see more from you.

Daniel said...

Hi Shuku! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

These are some really professional looking jewellery pieces and some nice photos to boot! Do you sell your jewellery at all?

PS You worked in an operating theatre? As a surgeon? Is that where you get such deft and skillful hands? :P