Saturday, February 09, 2008

Possessions, Obsessions...Err, Batman?

There's a tradition, at least among some of my choir friends and I, that it doesn't matter what date Chinese New Year falls on. The weather? Will be HOT. Scorching, unadulterated, completely and unbearably hot, even if it was raining cats, dogs, and frogs just the week before. Nothing this year has disproved the trend yet.

As a result, I fled my furnace of a room for downstairs, and the fishtank outdoors. I admit to being fond of fish in general (both aesthetically and as food, yes.) They just tend to be a bit lively to draw when they're darting around. Ours are, as you can see, rather fat. They're a mixture of Japanese carp and huge-bellied goldfish that look frighteningly obese. They're cute.

Right after the goldfish, it was time for Batman. Marco? This. Is. Entirely. Your. Fault. I -have- excessive testosterone levels, see! (and it's noir because I can't for the life of me draw the style you did. I so suck.) The colour is a lot better for real; I just don't take very good photos.

And while I'm at it, this is the infamous Hammering Station for my metal and wirework jewellery:

These are the first bracelets and hammered charms I made my first day back on vacation:

These are the first rings I ever made and the green one is singularly screwed up because I had to use pliers to make a bend in it to stop the metal bead from running away:

This is Aliera, the ring that's companion to the Loiosh Bracelet (Aliera is a noblewoman of Dragaera with a honkin' huge Great Weapon of Doom):

This is a bracelet commissioned by a friend, and yes, fish again!

And I'm still working on another piece of chainmaille bracelet - this one the Sha's Fire Draegaran bracelet, in Byzantine weave.

Do they have Chainmaille Addictions Anonymous perhaps?


Mei Tan said...

Hi Shuku, love your hammering station, very neat. Wish I have one like that although I don't do a lot of hammering myself. If need to, I do my hammering on the floor...:) mom-in law must be swearing at me silently....Opps!:P. Sometimes I am very tempted to turn one unused corner of the house into my work corner, day - *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I don't know how available such a thing is over there, but there's a great Canadian-published magazine called Wire Artist Jeweller that I think would have great ideas you might be interested in.

If you can't get 'em there, let me know, I can mail you some of my back issues.

Anonymous said...

And of course I google AFTER I post ... is the editor's website.

C.Deboda said...

Good stuff! I'm also fond of's good eatin'!

Btw, glad you like the b/w comps. I noticed your previous comments so I thought i just had to make more...since you asked so nicely. In other words, it's your fault. :P

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

haha they're really fat! so cute :)
hey shuku, i love the two rings you made, are you sure that was your first attempt? ;) keep it up!!

Marcos Mateu said...

Shuku! these fish are fantastic, it looks like they are in motion!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Wonderful jewelry. I like what you are doing with the necklace.