Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Six Step Program for Jewellery Addiction

1) Swear you'll get to bed at a decent hour, because sleep is important.

2) Find a pattern for chain maille that looks so easy, an evening could see it done.

3) Resist.

4) RESIST! YOU SHALL NOT BE MOVED, nay, not even budged from your resolve! A pillar of stone, you are, to temptation!

5) You steadfastly put away your tools, only to pick up an o-ring here, a jump-ring there, and the flower chain is so -pretty-, what about adding something here to turn it into a bracelet and OOH LOOK SHINY ORCHID CHAIN...

6) The pillar of stone resolve is revealed to be a pillar of salt, and is thus Budged with Great Haste.

Which explains why it's 5am, and I'm still up, really.

But I finished the flower chain bracelet I was making as a present! The pictures are lousy, but at 4.30am, I'd be lucky to recognize a Dalek when I see it hovering up the stairs with a laser trained on my brain.

The weave is called Flower Chain, a design by Aderamelech which I found at It's really lovely and quite easy, even if it's laboriously time-consuming in spots. Or maybe I'm just slow.

Detail of the chain.

One more pair of earrings to go but that definitely can wait till after sleep, or the world will have an irate, plier-wielding zombie on the morrow, demanding o-rings in place of braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainz.


Jeremy said...

Neat! I've never had the patience to sit down and make things like that, but my mom has done quite a bit with dichroic glass -- she makes pendants, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry for both humans and dolls. I'll try to get her to send me some pictures of some of the pieces she's made.

Ale said...

Hey Shuku! Happy new Year to you too :)
I experienced that particular "addiction" as well at the time...needed quite a bit to purify my soul, corrupted by those amazingly useless shiny small pleasures... :D
hehe just kidding, but you're very good at that, you must have a lot of patience my dear. I'm sure the gift hade a big success ;)
Good luck with your singing lessons and with the Italian arietta, you should send me a recoding!
Have a fantastic new year and take care!

Daniel said...

Hi Shuku,

That looks extremely good (and complicated!). They must be queuing up in the streets outside your house to buy your creations!


marcobucci said...

looks very pretty! I don't really know much about it, so it actually looks TOTALLY PRO to me. I'll buy it for 2 million bucks. Also, this doesn't look like something an overly-testosterone-level person would be able to sit down and make ;)

Mei said...

Dear Shuku,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Been busy lately so have not been able to make more wire wrap pretties lately. I explored your blog a bit and you are such an artist. Nice sketches you have here.
Yeah, its nice to know another person sharing the same addiction especially in wire jewelry. Keep in touch. I will link your site to mine.

&Rew said...

ooooaaaohhh - such a cool design. i do not wear jewelry and do not know the current fashions nor state of design, but this one seems impressive.

i could imagine something like a pearl or accent color hanging from that round piece and I am very excited.

It's so regal looking!


VICKY said...

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