Thursday, January 31, 2008

Return of...the Camera!

My camera was, for a while, held captive by Another Party - actually, my father wanted to borrow it for something, which deprived me of its presence and the ability to take photographs (however bad) of the jewellery obsessions that have consumed me for the last month or so.

Given the photographs came out -really bad-, I somehow think perhaps the camera should have -stayed- with my father....

Anyhow, here is what I've been up to for the last few weeks:

Topmost - The Vlad Taltos bracelet**. Vlad is an fantasy/medieval assassin who has a lot of Pointy Objects, and he usually leaves a lot of dead people behind whenever he's working. He also wears a thick chain called Spellbreaker wrapped around his wrist and dresses normally in blacks and greys. I wanted to replicate Spellbreaker, hence the multiple chains - and of course, all the metal and spiky stones, and the grey/black bits.

Middle - What happens when I get lazy and refuse to fabricate any more lengths of chainmaille. This is the box weave I've been talking about in posts past; it got a bit tedious so I cheated and used larger jumprings and lengths of chain. Those are the matching earrings, the steel ones.

Bottom - The Surf and Guppies Summer Flirtation Bracelet, which is probably my favourite of the lot. Don't ask me why, those beads just looked like guppies and summer and surf and flirtation. The earrings are as colourful and mismatched as the beads, which is what I wanted.

A slightly better shot of the Surf and Guppies Summer Flirtation Bracelet. Yes, there were -worse-.

** Note: I should explain here that for some reason, a few friends and I got into a conversation about which literary characters I would and should run off with. I don't know why. It just happened (this is a common refrain.) The candidates in question were: John Constantine from the Hellblazer series, Vlad Taltos from the Dragaera novels, John Taylor from the Nightside series, and Hawk from the Hawk and Fisher stories. We decided on Vlad Taltos after more terrifying and scary reasons that should not see the light of day, but it got to where I decided to make a bracelet representing every single one of 'em. This is the first in the series; I'm already planning John Constantine and John Taylor.

Why yes, I -knew- I was insane. Didn't you?


Armand Serrano said...

These are beautiful, Shuku. No wonder you stay up so late. I like the third one as well. But the chain bracelet from your previous post caught my attention. The link looks very identical to one of my wife's ring. Great job.

Mei Tan said...

Great work Shuku. Although I am into wire jewelry, I have not venture into chain maille. It is really tedious especially when your are making your own jump rings.
Happy New Year!

Daniel said...

Great work! It all looks very creative and inventive. I really admire your dedication :)