Friday, January 04, 2008

Don't Draw Before Bed... mucks up your sleep.

As in, it's 3.20am, and I'm still up. Why? Because the Sketching Itch is worse than the infamous Seven Year Itch, and it demands Immediate Attention. It also is the perfect way to ruin an even more perfect little sketch, but more on that later.

And more on the really mad day that transpired too, only later as well.

I don't know why this kept insisting it wanted to be called Ave Maria. The fact that I was listening to the Hitman soundtrack at the time might explain it.

The perfect way to ruin the perfect sketch. Gah! I need a lot more time in the School of Leaving Things Alone, Grasshopper.

...And -now- it's time for bed.


Teri C said...

I can relate to this bug also. These are fun sketches.

Eloise said...



Sorry. (/squeefaint). :->

cdeboda said...

Ha, I know what you mean. I draw before bed all the time too! (well, most/some times...or every now and then at least). I'm liking the new posts and hope you had a happy holidays recently too.

Marcos Mateu said...

Very interesting Shuku! the top one is really something, just a few graphic lines say it all. Very symmetrical face too. Convincing.

dintoons said...

haha you cant ignore the itch, no matter when n where it strikes, ya just gotta draw when ya gotta draw!!

dear skuku, wishing you a fantastic new year 2008! thanks for each of your wonderfully creative posts, inspirations and encouraging comments! and hope to see lots more of your uniquely creative stuff in this brand new year ahead!!

take care, love n peace, and do keep drawing, creating and sharing, my friend!! ^_^

Jamal O said...

Nice Communicative drawings.