Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sketchcrawl Enroute Year's End...

Finally, finally, after fighting with a lot of pride and embarrassment issues, I've gotten off my ample rump and scanned up all the sketches I did from the SketchCrawl on 9th December. Three weeks late! Yes, part of the mitigating circumstances were that the computer was down and the scanner wasn't working with the laptop, but still, I'm late and that merits a big, big apology to those who've posted and did take part (Sandra, Zeke and Hadibi namely!)

So here they are - I'm taking your advice, Marcelo! They're not that good, I admit; I've still got a long way to go. But it's a personal milestone in that a few months ago even, I'd never have been able to even attempt something like it. As puerile as they are...I'm proud of having made the attempt. The complete image is behind the thumbnail; I decided to spare everyone's eyeballs and put them behind a cut to be kind (they're largish images):

A lady with an interesting hairstyle at a caricature booth - it was at the Digi Street Party, I believe, or something so inclined. Cornrows! Haven't seen those in ages!

This little Muslim girl eyed me suspiciously the entire time around I was trying to unobtrusively sketch her. Her mother too, and I only managed her head.

The girl with the striped shirt was getting a temporary tattoo from the lady with the bag. The chap with the cap is from the International Busker's Festival in KL, I forget his name. Oops. But man, his shirt was fascinating!

The fanstastically entertaining New Zealanders, the Motley Two, from where I was sitting, watching the two Canadian performers doing their thing. Check out that SPIKY HAIR. How could I resist that?

A very attentive, fascinated little boy watching in the front row of people.

Carnie the Contortionist. A very BAD profile. Boy can he contort. And his act with the bear traps? Just makes my hair stand on end. It's fantastic, but SCARY! More of him later...

David Ladderman of the Motley Two on his trademark ladder, holding a juggling club. It was bright green. LOVELY colour.

More Ladderman, his partner Mullet Man, and juggling and ladders!

Now these are -post- SketchCrawl, done from videos Sandra shot and photographs, so they don't particularly count, but I still tried to keep to time limits anyways:

These Canadian guys were breathtaking. I kept catching my breath and hoping nothing bad would happen and everyone collapse in a heap...

The Motley Two on unicycle and ladder, juggling between each other.

One from the Sketchie, Carnie! He saw me with my honkin' huge sketchbook (how could anyone miss that) and made a pose. I was red in the face and laughing too much to actually -catch- him in it at the time, but Sandra snapped a photo and -here- is the pose!

We were collectively known as 'The Sketchies' that day, I think. Not that we minded, it just felt odd to be so...notorious? Never been quite so publicly identified as a Sketcher before, at least for myself!

This has been a really mixed-up year, like a cocktail drink - shaken, stirred, occasionally turned upside down and hammered on the counter - but I think that without it I wouldn't have grown, wouldn't have met some of the people I treasure most in my life right now.

Last post of the year tomorrow, and New Year greeting besides! Have a good one, y'all...

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Zeke said...

Finally get to see some of your sketchcrawl work ^_^ You really managed to catch the overall essence of the people in your sketches.