Sunday, December 17, 2006

She's HERE!

There's a sexy, sleek new permanent resident in my room right now. All in classic black, no less, and sitting coyly on the floor.

I'm in love, oh yes I'm in love.

She's my new computer! And she's absolutely gorgeous, with the most beautiful silver trim, and she runs like a DREAM. All the software installed right. She's got XP Pro. My scanner works. I've got Photoshop again and a 17" monitor (I used to have a 15 year old 15").

I'm so, so happy, I don't even feel tired any more even though I only had 4 hours' sleep.

And because she's my very first new computer since college that I bought all on my own and didn't inherit from previous users, I had to give her a name - and that was easy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Catalina de Los Angeles, after El Pacifico's feisty Pirate Girl (the colour scheme on the display unit matches her outfit. I am not kidding. Blue, red, black and some white, very tastefully done.) Because my 'cyberlady' just looks that spunky and sassy, and because she's mine so she has to be.

And now for dinner because I err...kind of forgot to eat after I set her up...

Anyways in the meantime, have a picture from the archives from when I really couldn't draw architecture (and still can't but am trying to practice. That cathedral was good considering I'd never drawn a building before but looking at it now makes me just cringe in agony.


chris chua said...

haha..congrats..I just got myself a 17" macbook pro and its sweet! Long live blogging! P.s. great artwork here too:)

Marcos Mateu said...

Well, congratulations!
Sounds like it's a Powerbook G4 17", a Mac?
If this is the case I'm writing to you from another one, exactly like yours!
Also, the "Pacifico guys" are very happy about the name you got her!

Fito said...

Merry Chrismas, Fito