Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dead Cats and Rubbish

No, that doesn't refer to me actually having personally found any dead cats in my bed, or rubbish pouring down the pipes again (no Marcos! It has not happened thank GOD!) - it just happens to be the only things strong enough that I can smell at the moment when I walked back from lunch today.

Eating gyuniku udon (udon noodles with beef in soup) is really a lot less fun when you can't taste a ruddy thing.

As Erma Bombeck wrote once, 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I've got the flu.' Or something like that, anyway, but yes. I have the flu. No doubt brought on by sleep deprivation from making costumes like mad over the past week or two, and stress from work, but STILL. Christmas with the Flu. And the Christmas play in two days. It should be an institution.

However! I had the perfect remedy for the blues when I got home - Catalina! I've been asked for pictures of her, so as a courtesy to the Kitsune Fox whom I absolutely adore, and my brother, who thought it was really neat, here's the lady herself!

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeek as a pirate's cutter, oh yeah, ain't she?

Before the Makeover. Those wires don't exist, nope, nope...there is no wire, there is merely the puuuuuuuuuuuter...(ok so that's my room, where I live, so everything has to fit in it. Still!)

And after the Makeover! Does something look rather familiar there...

On another (stranger) note, I think I'm beginning to be known around my area as That Girl Who Draws Everywhere. I mean, I do nowadays, I've got markers and sketchpad with me even if I'm in the bathroom most days. It's brought quite a few stares and some comments, and a lot of opinion. This was brought home to me forcibly when I went to lunch this afternoon at my favourite Japanese restaurant, and the owner-lady said, "You know, the picture you drew for us last year's been up for a while, draw something else and we'll put it up!" Short explanation: this is the same Japanese place which feeds me tons of extra food every time I go, and last year to say thank you, I did a quick kimono girl pencil drawing over lunch, folded a paper crane, and left it with the bill after I paid - after making sure no one could see me leave since I was shy and didn't know if they'd like it.

Apparently? They did! One of the waitresses even asked for a Santa drawing she could colour for her little girl - both requests which I'm going to try my best to get done along with a few other things (and the Christmas play.)

Looking at Marcos' paella must have gotten me in the mood to draw seafood because I managed some of these prawns in the freezer case:

I'm the Girl Wot Draws to all these lovely people. Wow. That's...really something.


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Felices Fiestas, Shuku!! i added Selamat Hari Natal! in my post, thanks.
Be happy !!