Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Fifth Wind, Pirates and err...Ink! Not Rum!

Those sneaky pie-rats proved to be far too tempting. I -was- going to go to sleep. Really.

The challenge of the blunderbuss was just too, too seductive a siren song.

"It's only a tentacle. You've got a sack of pepper to throw, right?"
"...Well, YES but TENTACLE."
"You have the Fifth Wind. A sturdier blunderbuss was never made."
"Right. Point. Charge?"

And now I -am- going to bed. Really! Just because I'm looking at barnacle pictures to try and plan Tierre's wedding dress o' barnacles from Davy Jones' Locker...and those gooseneck barnacles are so pretty with their red and mother-of-pearl shells...and they'd be so nice as trim for the hem...

I mean, BED! BED!


Anonymous said...

I love this. It looks very cool.

Lydia Sanchez said...

Nice characters :)