Saturday, August 12, 2006

Anyone Gotta Can of Germ Begone?

...and I can't even begin to tell you how good it feels to be out of bed and mobile for the first time in two sick-filled, germ-infested days. It's bad when I take a day's leave from work because I'm sick (I'm the only one in the clinic to handle my side of work. Taking leave = baaaaaaaaad). It's -really- bad when I take two days because I can't get out of bed, and that's precisely where I've been.

It still doesn't explain why I've choreographed an entire set of Irish dance steps to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song, Jack Sparrow's theme, and the theme for the Kraken. Yes, Irish dance steps. Those four years of Irish dance lessons have apparently resurrected themselves with a vengeance and I've no idea why they've chosen to do it with three of the most unlikely songs in the universe. Madness may be an explanation. In fact, I'm quite sure it factors in there somewhere very heavily.

I did, however, manage to find my way to Ikano's Fasta Pasta to catch Az Samad performing in the evening! There also needs to be a law against taxi drivers who don't -tell- you they don't know where a certain place is until -after- you're five minutes into the journey, but that's another story altogether. It was worth it, anyway, for a few hours of great music. Man, I need to get out more, I've really -missed- events and music like this (story of my life, eaten by work and no transport. Bah.) Am really glad my brother poked me into seeing Az, or I really would've been Highly Deprived --my favourite of the sets? The Tupai song! (I didn't MEAN to choreograph a set of Irish dance steps in my head to it but I did. My brain is WEIRD.)

Other than drawing Pirate Girls and being sick, that's...really all that's been goingon except rehearsals for choir and quartet. Yep, Pirate Girls. Tierre and Olna Rosetta have been Committed To Paper. They need fixing, since it's just a mess of blue pencil and wayward lines,'s a start.

Now I just need to sketch in the blunderbuss for Olna Rosetta...


az samad said...

Thanks again for making it to the show! =)
Like I said, can't wait to see the dance moves to the tupai song!


Anonymous said...

excellent drawings.