Friday, December 05, 2003

Westward Ho! I Spy Yarn!

The Booga Bag is off to a fabulous start, amazingly. Knitting is addictive - I'm convinced they put crack in the yarn or something, because I was so stuck on finishing the bottom of the bag that I stayed up till 3am to do it. And today, so far, I'm on row 24 of 64 when I've worked on it in between errands.

The yarn colours are so pretty! I've nicknamed the bag 'Kiwi Splash' because that's exactly what it is - kiwi green, sunshine yellow and bright orange. Just in case you're thinking that's a trifle garish, it actually isn't - it looks surprisingly summery when it's all put together. I've dug out a couple of remnants of cotton slub yarn from my ancient stash and knitted it in as well. It should be interesting to see how it comes out after it's been felted. Pictures later, I promise (I need to request the SO to host the scans on his website first).

I've shelved the Sweater of Doom at least until I've finished the bag. I honestly can't work out the directions, and I'm usually fairly good at doing that. I'm considering taking them to an old family friend to get translated - she's a Japanese whizz anyway.

If I can manage to drop in at the yarn store again I might pick up some eyelash yarn or the pretty fuschia chenille that felt soooo soft. We'll see.

Anyways. Must knit! Must knit!

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