Monday, December 08, 2003

Booga Booga Boogie!

55 rows on Kiwi Splash, 9 more to go! After that it's just knitting up the i-cord and then it's Felting Time! I'm really excited to see what it'll look like after that. Incentive to get the main bag finished today, certainly.

As promised, here's pictures - well ok, a picture, since I haven't been able to stuff the bag into the scanner successfully. Pretty, pretty bright yarn! The colours are much nicer real time, and the pale greenish-almost-white yarn actually has colour flecks of yellow and pink which you can't see so well in the scan.

The Sweater of Doom is on hold for a little - I've got to get over the psychological intimidation of the thing, I think. However, my -next- project is probably going to be the cuffed socks Camwyn gave me directions for. Now if I can just find some nice cheap cotton/acrylic yarn that gets me interested enough to knit it...

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