Sunday, December 07, 2003

Heatstroke Aiee

Up to 30 rows on Kiwi Splash. I did no knitting at all today because the heat was incredible and mohair on the lap is not very conducive to keeping cool in the tropics!

I've combined the mohair with touches of rainbow merino roving that was a gift from the SO. Makes me wish I had my drop spindle still - it broke in transit when I was flying home from the US. Gah. Handspun is the most beautiful thing to knit with, it's so soft and the satisfaction of knowing you're knitting with something you practically created from scratch is hard to beat.

I wish they sold spinning wheels here now!

And yes, I'll get pictures as soon as possible. (No camera means I have to jam whatever I can into the scanner, and for something as big as this bag it's not -quite- the thing.)

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