Friday, December 12, 2003

Baaaaack Agaiiiin

It's good to be home again, I'll say that much. I had to go for an interview in another state quite suddenly. And I return - with job! Yay! (Hey Consomme, you may be seeing a whoooole lot of me come January. Ffffear.)

I also had the time to go yarn shopping. It wasn't cheap but I suspect it could've been a lot worse if it hadn't been for the fact that these yarns are apparently going to be discontinued. So I treated myself. Hee. If I'm going to knit socks, I'm going to knit them in colours I like, dernitall. 3 balls of Filatura de Crosa's Millefili Fine. I'll post pictures of 'em tomorrow when the SO has had a chance to save 'em for me.

Aside of yarns, I visited Kinokuniya bookstore and came away with a Japanese art book and a lovely book on making bags. I've been waiting for this chance for about 4 months. Not enough time for all those boooooooooks...never mind. Soon enough, soon enough.

Watercolour paper and brushes were next on my list and I did manage to visit the art store I was recommended. Unfortunately their paper selection was pretty dismal for a university store! Someone did suggest a place for me to go next time though, down in the city center. I mean...there's got to be SOME place that stocks non-photo blue pencils here! Fortunately I brought back some extras from Boston when I came home so I'm set for at least a couple months.

Now to go and gloat over the yarns, maybe work a bit on the i-cord for Kiwi Splash, and maaaaaybe some drawing.

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