Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Peacocks, Peacocks, Peacocks

It began with umbrellas and ended with books, and dinner, and crazy-talk and lots of laughter. And the realization that fencing duels don't quite work very well with brollies instead of foils, but what the heck, it's fun.

Sometimes, all that matters is the crazy things. Totally random MP3s and the strangest comments in a conversation ever. Fleur, purple fluff, 2am dissolves into hysterics over peacocks, Sinfest snickers, green apples I forgot to eat for two weeks. The kind things - stuffed toys, the Agatha Christie express, scented oils, cinnamon cake, lemon pasta, rides to and fro from choir and house, and dinner to home.


Thanks, guys'n dolls. I don't think I could have pulled through this whole week without all of you.

And in honour of the menace that is Peacocks in High Estates, Katashi - something I did for a friend last year or so:

The mask and face could've come out a lot better in retrospect. Maybe next time, maybe next time.

Here's to the peacocks, Brat!


Brat said...

Maybe one day we'll pull off fencing with brollies. And a peacock feather clenched within your teeth, or a large peacock party mask!

constance said...

Fencing with brollies sounds like fun ;) can i join? :D Did you have a rough week earlier? Well, glad to know you have 'crazy' friends to cheer you up :) They are priceless!

I think you're already in Singapore now and it will be my turn to be away for a week from 4th onwards...we malaysians are rather busy people yeah? Surely, will meet up and would love to bring along a few friends to support your performance as well :) Take care, and we'll be in touch after the 11th of May.