Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rainy Day Drawing Blues

Maybe this whole community thing really -is- starting to take hold and push the cobwebs out of my brain. After symbolically beginning the artistic year anew by hunting down and purchasing a really nice blank journal, I tossed it into my bag before I went to work and threw in five of my Micron ink pens as well.

The urge to sketch something, anything, is starting to devour my brain. I wound up drawing the chocolate ball I had for lunch, and stood like a nutcase in a light drizzle for about ten minutes sketching out a very pretty plant in front of the hospital. For once I didn't pre-outline with pencil, just dived straight in with the inks. I do that more with the botanical drawings I infrequently do, and it's a good lesson in line, I find.

I came back after dinner, worked like a maniac on colouring the plant, and this is what resulted:

I think I'm going to start having to carry my camera -and- my sketch journal wherever I go. I'm looking at the trees down the side of the road as I walk and seeing beautiful, arched shapes in their twisted trunks and towering boughs. It makes me just itch to materialize them onto paper, watch the curves and angles form one black line at a time.

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Shay Stone said...

Wow, that flower drawing is just awesome. I love your use of color:)