Tuesday, February 03, 2004

New Sort Of Projects?

I think I'm about ready to take on a new knitting project in conjunction with my temporarily abandoned Sigma tank. This may just be because I spent my long weekend working on -work- (yes, we needed something out on Tuesday which meant yours truly had to finish it up even if Monday was a vacation for us). But, at least I'm getting paid for it. Whew.

On the other hand - I met Consomme for lunch and it was -really- neat! She's great and funny and really really cool. I'm so lucky to have someone nearby who can appreciate crafty things. I've earmarked a project in one of her books, as it is. Mmmm. Sweater-thing!

So...poll time: anyone have any really creative ideas for what to do with 20 balls of pink-and-beige acrylic yarn, and about 6 oddment balls of purple, blue, pink, bright yellow, bright green, bright pink and black equally acrylic yarn?

Yeah, Consomme - I'm -really- stuck for ideas. Maybe we should make teacosies and mice.

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