Friday, April 17, 2020

GloPoWriMo Day 16: (Ebulliently Effusive) Love Song

Prompt: Rather than encouraging minimalism, today we challenge you to write a poem of over-the-top compliments. Pick a person, place, or thing you love, and praise it in the most effusive way you can. Go for broke with metaphors, similes, and more. 

I really did try to be effusive and over-the-top. And then, like the deviant I am, things forked off into sarcasm, especially after two days of having to deal with parents who think that they shouldn't need to pay full fees if we're teaching online classes, or even pay fees at all.

(Ebulliently Effusive) Love Song

you swarovski my days
billy eilish blingblang
you ladygaga my moments
oh oh oh you’re over-garlicked bread
sinfully excessive butter-and-cheesed pasta

if round is a shape
you is the shape of shapes so shapely
nothing shape-ish can shape this

you sherlock my heart infinity times a day
you’re a million coins in the valley of plenty

you’re the effluve in effluvium
the rrar in ferrari
the moon in moonpies

oh superior intellect oh juno oh jupiter
oh wisdom of a thousand sages of the ages
what would my days be if they weren’t filled
with your buzz-saw clingclangclamour
that teachers like me should be paid less
(or not at all) for teaching your children online
(it’s push-button-stand-in-front-of-a-device easy
how hard could it possibly be
((like sewing a straight line))



Romana Iorga said...

Hey, if sarcasm puts the pen in your hand, go for it! Love the composite words here--and the playful sound patterns.

Shuku said...

Hahaha thank you Romana! I honestly didn't intend to go sarcastic - not until halfway through when suddenly oops there it was...I think working from home may be taking more toll on me than I thought!

Kerfe said...

I think I know those people...
I like the way you included all the cultural references in the wordplay. (K)

Syl said...

The rarr ....

Romana Iorga said...

Congratulations on being the featured participant on NaPoWriMo, dear Shuku!πŸŽ‰πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸŽˆπŸ˜

Smitha said...

Congratulations Shuku on being the featured participant. So proudπŸ™‚. And coming to this poem it is totally top of the tops and written so uniquely. Loved it.❤

Angela van Son said...

Dear visitors, check out day 15 too if you like this one. It's amazing! There's a button on the bottom of the page that will get you there in one click. The arrow that indicates 'previous'. Just trying to make sure you don't miss it accidentally :) It's amazing!

Elizabeth Boquet said...

Woot! 100x woot-wooty-wootin' tootin' woots to you, Shuku!
Despite these crazy days, you manage to play with words in such a way -- I don't know what to say -- except THANK YOU for sharing them.

paeansunplugged said...

Shuku, this is fantastically done. Loved this

Sunita said...

Congratulations Shuku! You nailed it! Lots of love <3

Unknown said...
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Gloria said...

Congratulations, conga of the nations.
Fantastic, from this fan of sarcastic.
Astounding, dear queen of sounding.

Manja Mexi said...

Hihih, "rrar in ferrari"! And everything! Properly indignant and properly so.

Congratulations on being featured with this brilliant piece.

rishabh_myjoopress said...

HiHi that's really awesome

Christopher Perry said...

"you sherlock my heart infinity times a day"

What a line... no blood, please.

Delighted you were picked out today!!

Thirsty said...

Wow! This is great!

Kerfe said...

Congratulations too!

Leenie said...

I'm loving this year's NaPoWriMo. It is such a pleasure to share and enjoy other poets' work, especially when there is little way to have face-to-face conversations. Isn't it great to have a way to be creative and get in a little stress therapy at the same time. Funny how the steam trying to come out our ears sometimes blows out our fingers. I thoroughly enjoyed this one! Congrats on being featured!

ARHuelsenbeck said...

I love your word play.

Jane Berg said...

really enjoyed this thank you!

Shuku said...

Oh my goodness...I've been semi-offline for the last few days because of work deadlines and stress, and I come back to all your wonderful comments - thank you so much! I will get back to each and every one of you over the rest of the week, promise <3

Thank you so much for visiting, and for the congratulations!

You all sherlock my heart infinity times a day and swarovski it too.

Jade Li said...

Smiles as I read this

Angela said...

My poem that was based on blog titles of fellow participants made it to a NaPoWriMo anthology, which basically means you've made it to the anthology - I just put some brilliant words together that were written by other people;)

This is the anthology: