Thursday, April 11, 2019

GloPoWriMo Day 7: Anniversary, Or, The Love Song of the Shy Girl in Apartment Q3

Write a poem of gifts and joy. What would you give yourself, if you could have anything? What would you give someone else?

I finally knuckled down and visited the Oracle (look Kerfe, Jane, and Merril! I AM FINALLY VISITING THE ORACLE!) because I absolutely had no hooks or inspiration whatsoever to start with beyond the first line.

I'm not sure it fits the theme of gifts and joy - well, there's gifts, the joy may be a little less easy to spot, but it was definitely interesting! (which means more visits to the Oracle in future I think...)


The moon is a slip of orange smile
          in a dark sky - brilliant as cake
Desire’s a moist pie with perfume
          sweet as candy - an open eye of
          salt-ferocious need -
          champagne fire - a vast universe
          of slow stars
You are smoke-dazzled fever
          cooled only by porcelain-touch
My broken boy I’d give you worlds -
          heaven – hell – the language
          of butterfly wings – sea wave
          susurration secrets –
          the whorls of my fingertips
          against your skin
          will have to suffice
(Don’t you know – they contain
          my world – in their touch
          lies all of me)


Merril D. Smith said...

So many wonderful phrases!
"salt-ferocious need -
champagne fire - a vast universe
of slow stars"

It sounds like she gave you quite a message!

Shuku said...

Thank you Merril! She DID. I had no idea what to do with most of it either! It took some definite playing around - to the point I accidentally swallowed a whole lemon pastille, and I'm still trying to gulp it down right now. I guess that's joy - swallowing it down!

Barbara Turney Wieland said...

Not sure what the Oracle is, but there is some lovely imagery in this poem. Also love the title.

Shuku said...

Barbara, the Oracle is the Magnetic Poetry site, where they have this little section that you can play around with magnetic poetry words like you would on a fridge! It's really good for inspiration as I've found out today.

Thank you so much - it was a hella difficult write, even with the Oracle...

Kerfe said...

Yay! And look what she gave you!
Touch is so potent as communication...she knows.