Tuesday, April 16, 2019

GloPoWriMo Day 12: The Writer Decides To Stop Writing For Good

Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem about a dull thing that you own, and why (and how) you love it. Alternatively, what would it mean to you to give away or destroy a significant object?

I don't know if writing would be considered an object, but it's certainly significant to me in more ways than one. Stopping it entirely (which I was doing before GloPo siren-song'd me into writing some more) was...definitely on par with some very unpleasant experiences I've had in the past.


i stopped the words
tore them apart
                half-formed letters
                spelling a thought
                poised on the edge
                of the brain
                ready to spill
                into my arms
                my fingers
                onto paper

i ripped the words
from my being
flung them away
trampled them

                they rose
                a body of ghosts
                a rumal
                around my throat
                and strangled me
                to death

*The rumal is an item of clothing similar to a scarf or bandana, and was used by the Thuggee gangs of India to strangle their victims to death.


Christopher Perry said...

It is interesting how our thoughts diverge from a simple prompt. Fascinating. Thank you for sharing

Merril D. Smith said...

But I guess you were resurrected--because here's the poem. :)
It is interesting how you got to this, and not to write at all, and then suddenly to be writing again.

Shuku said...

Chris! Yes, it really IS fascinating (I have to admit, I much prefer your take on it!)

Merril, I really, really didn't want to do GloPo. Somehow or other though, it exerted a bit of a pull and here I am. I don't really regret it...yet!

Kerfe said...

I get discouraged and my art and writing lags sometimes. I know the feeling.

This year NaPoWriMo is definitely more difficult, but I think part of that is that the world just keeps getting more difficult. There's too much pulling at us in too many directions.

But those words will come out...and a good thing too!

Angela van Son said...

I really love this one. So much energy and such clear imagery.

Jane Dougherty said...

The words will come out if you're a writer. You'd better get used to it. And don't listen to the trolls :)

Shuku said...

Kerfe: I hug tons and understand so much about the discouraged and lagging behind. I am SO behind myself, and yes I think you're right - the world pulls us in so many directions!

Angela: Thank you so much! <3

Jane: I am learning this, yes - and I am trying! I promise! Trying! Not to listen to the trolls, and just to write wherever it takes me (the Oracle helps!)