Monday, April 25, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016: Day 19 - How To Make Silk Purses Out Of Sows' Ears

Catching up on the poetry - finally have had a chance to sit down in between travelling to write. Day 19's prompt was to write a 'how to' poem. It didn't start out as an extended metaphor, but the political situation back in my corner of the world has been making me cranky enough for a while, it needed out.

#19: How To Make Silk Purses Out Of Sows' Ears

All it takes is a little finesse and some crafting skill
A lot of pretension and a brass face
Brazen as the painted faux steel balls
Of a prime minister who insists that 2.6 billion ringgit
Which suddenly appeared in his private bank account
(Despite a damning trail of evidence which points
To, shall we say – controversial acquisition)
Is a princely gift, a donation from Foreign Powers That Be.
Materials for any top-quality purse require preparation.
Select your sow’s ears – make sure it is large and  roomy
Deep enough to hold a 24 million ringgit diamond ring
And plenty of flattery from countless ampelopses
In Higher Governmental Circles.
Scrape off any bristles. Tan the pigskin 
Till it feels as soft as butter
Then trim it to size
(Making sure to cast aside all uneven edges
Like hard-hitting truths and unblinkered realities.)
Of course there must be silk – top-notch stuff
Spun from the toil of labouring creatures too insignificant
To acknowledge, or even, heaven forbid, think about – 
Cut the silk to fit the purse and stitch it around
With the finest, strongest thread 
Waxed like lies, smooth as deception
And don’t forget the embellishments:
Lacy words, a tissue of fabrications 
Over what is essentially a lie
A coarse imitation gussied up with Class and Elegance
A  paean of praise to ill-gotten gains
And thick-faced Hussies with expensive lacquered hair. 

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