Monday, September 03, 2012

Creative License Day (a'la Danny Gregory)

Today, I am giving myself leave to rest.

I have one production behind me that has taken several gruelling months of rehearsals, and which has been so rewarding and fulfilling.

It's time to recharge and give myself room to physically create with paints, paper, and inks again.

I am slowly making my way through Danny Gregory's wonderful book 'The Creative License', which I've had for yonks but have never really sat down to go through in detail. What I've read so far, however, is deeply sensible, practical, and immensely helpful in understanding my creative processes. More importantly, the book addresses the issues of negativity and how to free one's mind of that in relation to one's creative work - something I need desperately.

Time to deal with fears, hurts, and let art be my therapy for now.

Millenium Collage, done for Towers and Turrets mixed media class some months back. Time to return to that dark, quiet creative space and percolate.

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