Friday, October 19, 2007

Fifteen Second Goldfish and Other Travellers' Tales

Taking the bus to get home from the city is like putting a goldfish out in the middle of the Autobahn and telling it to stay alive - and avoid getting run over. I have to take 2 buses to get home from work: I change off at one small, rickety-looking bus stop right smack at the side of a hellacious highway crossing and board the next sardine can to hell --I mean, highway to --well. You get the gist.

Yes, it's really that bad. There are people who can vouch for this, Constance being one of them.

I firmly believe that there is a Conspiracy afoot between the bus companies what own these trundling air-conditioned tin cans on wheels, and the corporations who build low-cost flats and condominiums. Actually, any sorts of flats or condominiums, really.

How many people can we squeeze into one of your buses? Don't worry about breathing or any amount of personal space...what's that? Oooh, 15 people standing only, not a problem, how many did you say you managed to fit in on top of 25 seated? 60 standing? Goodie! Make a note of that, Herman, for the next block of flats we're designing, we can afford to make 'em smaller with this sort of data as proof...

I have counted 60 people in a minibus designed to carry only 35 people. As I happened to be wedged under someone's armpit while the minibus in question was negotiating a 45 degree slope, I can put this down to personal experience. We won't go into the headache-inducing lovely smells that form a permanent part of these delightful character-building jaunts. I'm getting spasms just remembering this evening.

And the High Ups and City Councillations of Doom wonder why their campaign to Take Public Transportation and Save the Environment, Cut Down Traffic Jams, is about as effective as a limp sock being furiously shaken around by a rambunctious pup with bad breath.

Hullo there, I'm back after almost a month's absence, or so I've been reminded by a friend! There has been far too much going on in the Unseductive Real World, to whit, in point form:

1) The Big 5th Anniversary Concert - which went fantastically with 3 sold-out shows out of 5! And the best part of that was getting to meet the absolutely wonderful and lovely Constance who is even wonderfuller and lovelier in person. She is an amazingly talented artist, illustrator and a great writer to boot, go check out her site and fall in love. I promise you will!

2) New job - Yes, new job! I am now the administrator for the choral academy my choir sings under. And I'm loving it, despite being busy with copyright stuff for publishing scores, getting ready for the Asian Choir Games in November (which ain't that far off, eeeee), and handling a few last-minute gigs for the children's choir. I have access to pianos at work. I can practice the piano at work! How cool is that?

3) Post-apocalyptic costuming - Christmas is coming up and I'm costuming again. This time it's Post-apocalyptic 'Blade Runner Twelve Monkeys Dragon Tiger Gate Film Noir World' costuming and I'm actually excited about it. Hey. I get to watch movies I like while doing research. Mmmmmm. Movie night with my co-costumer! It's going to be a ton of work but it's also going to be just -great-. I can put some of the Cirque du Soleil style costuming tips to work in this one and be vastly wild and creative, which is lovely...

4) Writing - After being poked repeatedly by about 6 people, my brother included, I am slowly piecing together some writing that I might be able to throw at a publisher for consideration. I am terrified. It is not something I've ever had the guts to do but guts, glory, and lots of gore should provide entertainment for someone even if it's not me. I might need some test readers, should the time come around *cough cough cough*

5) Art - Nowhere as much of it as I should have, but for fun and to justify me keeping this blog, I present to you my latest two pieces: the Fifteen Second Goldfish and the Sushi Bar Lady.

This is pretty self-explanatory from the scribbled notes. I must add that these were the cutest, fattest goldfish I've seen in a while, orange and black, and they were too darned cute to resist pulling out the sketchbook for. (Yes I carry a sketchbook to dinner. Don't ask. I carry a sketchbook EVERYWHERE.) It's a great way to convince everyone you're insane, if they ever had any doubts. Also, fish swim really. Really. Fast.

I was at a cheap sushi place for dinner. This lady was sitting opposite me, so I tried to scribble her very quickly without being seen - in between spoonfuls of clam-and-tofu soup.

More to come later, I promise (yes Marcos, I didn't get eaten by the evil black hole what eats email and socks!)


Paul Lasaine said...

Shuku. Thanks for visiting my new blog. I'm glad to see I rate a "...Good Lord." Can I quote you on my resume?

Your blog rates a good lord too! I love it! Marcelo told me about you. You're a writing machine! Can't wait to dig a little deeper.

C.Deboda said...

Yes, you should definately have your writings published. I know I'm usually entertained by them. :)
Nice brushy fish sketches too.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Good for you Shuku for dragging that sketchbook everywhere.

I keep sketchbooks of different sizes for just that occasion. I even have the Post It sketchbook, which isn't really sketchbook but a post it pad. I bring a brush pen, and a marker, and have-at-it. That way, I can sneak the sketchbook around in my front pocket.

Nice sketches.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your comments on my Blog. Specially the last one.
For strange reasons i feel very attracted to those gold fishes
(Maybe they are my favourite animals) They are so close with magic..! Bravo for your courage and spirit! Sergio Martinez