Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Way Hey Away We Go!

The main body of Kiwi Splash is finished! I'm working on the i-cord now - it's a trifle tedious but it works up fairly fast. I might have to get some more yarn for it, actually. I might see if there's time to drop by the yarn store after visiting the doctor (yes, I've an evil sore throat which I suspect is a throat ulcer, and it's starting to hurt like the dickens). I also need to see if they'll exchange a defective double point needle - while I was knitting with it earlier, part of the tip slivered off and kept catching the yarn. It really shouldn't do that; I suspect there must have been an improperly finished bit there. They better exchange! I paid quite a bit for those blasted things...

All of a sudden there's so many gorgeous, interesting projects that are getting my attention. I'm going to need to start whittling through them to see which ones are realistic (and affordable, more importantly).

Oh, and Consomme? You may be getting your wish to go craft shopping with me pretty soon if all goes well! There's a good chance I'll be moving to your neck of the woods if this job offer comes through. Now that is an incentive for me to move, let me tell you. :) Knitting partner!

Socks, Bonne Marie's absolutely swanky bucket o'chic hat, the Folly sweater in the Winter issue of Knitty...Yeah, I really need to get this job then I'll actually have the money to feed this desperate yarn addiction...

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