Sunday, July 17, 2011


...I wonder whether it's worth pouring in so much effort for things, only to be proved a second-rate coach/operator/person time and time again. Because despite all my dreams, maybe that's just about as good as I'll ever get.

It's a wonderful feeling, knowing you always let people down.

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Snickering Corpses said...

Much as you won't like me saying *is* just a feeling, my friend. You're more than that, and God is bigger than that; it just feels like it in the bad times. Satan always brings up our failures to keep us away from what God has planned for us. I don't know you nearly as well as a lot of others do, given our distance, but I see more in you than you see in yourself; God does too.

I know you're not often in a mood to talk about it, but you do know any time you need to do so, you have a friend who cares about you.