Friday, May 14, 2010

The Strange Attraction of Opposites

Some months ago, I was commissioned by a friend to make a bridesmaid's jewellery set. Her only stipulations were that it be simple, elegant and fuss-free.

Given that the bridesmaid dresses were fuschia and white, I thought Swarovski pearls might add just the touch of elegance necessary. I also wanted to use whatever I had on hand in the interests of keeping costs reasonable, and also because I've been trying to exercise more creativity in the reinvention/upcycling/recycling of materials that might not otherwise be seen as 'jewellery components' at first glance.

My friend is a big proponent of recycling and being environmentally conscious. Digging through my stash of stuff, I discovered I had leftover metal washers from a previous project, and enough headpins and eyepins to last about fifty years (all right, I'm exaggerating, but I've got quite a bit of those things lying around). I also had a sheet of aluminium that's been crying out to be used for a bit since I got my jeweller's saw at the beginning of this year. I'd been wanting to experiment with texturing as well, since I've got a chasing hammer that's only been used for flattening metal up to this point.

The result was aptly named 'The Strange Attraction of Opposites' in honour of pearls meeting metal washers. I gave it an adjustable 52cm (approximately 20")chain that could be set to either matinee or choker length, depending on the dress. The earrings measure about 6.5cm (just a little over 2.5") and the pendant is 2.4cm (approximately a little over 1") in diameter.

The Strange Attraction of Opposites: Swarovski pearls, rhodium-plate jump-rings, silver-plated eyepins, metal washers, hand-cut and textured aluminium pendant.

Pendant detail, with a bit more of the texturing visible.


Earrings, another (slightly more artsy) view.

Oh yes, my friend loved it. Even better!


Life for Beginners said...

The smoothness of the pearls against the circle of textured metal hints of the oyster that must have once nurtured the pearl before.

Intelligent and creative and beautiful. Just like the artist herself. :)

Marcos Mateu said...

Nice work Shuku!
I just thought of 'dropping by' and say 'hello'. I hope all is well with your singing and your creations!

Shuku said...

Kenny: You know, I didn't even think of oysters and pearls til you mentioned it o.O I just thought they'd go together well even if the combination wasn't expected!

Marcos!!! EL PACIFICO! I'm doing all right, busy as always but yes, I will update you and Armand and Marcelo soon. Soon!

Swati said...

Gorgeous necklace, and the pearls are amazing.