Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Out of Hibernation...Sort of?

Whee. Yeah, amazing, I've actually reappeared into life again.

What's beein going on in the meantime? I've been working. I've been working a -lot-. I've changed jobs - I now work in a much nicer place with a truly wonderful boss. The downside is that it leaves me very little time for arty pursuits especially since I work on Saturdays. By the time I'm done fighting the traffic back to my place, going to the LYS is a thing of the past - all I want to do is lie down and rest. As it is, I'm pretty tied up with the Christmas in the Park concert till after December, so life traipses on.

I've picked up the knitting needles when I was in Penang for a bit - that was about two months ago now. Finishing up some gloves because my workplace is so cold! I haven't done anything else with them since though, and I should because it's not -hard-. I just haven't had the brains to sit down and actually knit though.

The only other things I've actually done have been paper-arts related - drawings, some inkings, just to keep up with the general arts thing.

This is the latest: A birthday card for my dad.

This is the Big Project, so to speak: A tattoo design for a game. It's this huge tebori-style thing which didn't scan out well in the rough because I was sketching with blue pencil, but that's the in-progress. It'll take a while; I'm lousy with watercolours and I'm terrified of spoiling this and having to redraw it. No no no no.

And this is what resulted from a really, really bad day.

Hopefully I'll be updating more in future. Right now I'm getting over a bout of stomach bug and I've completely lost my voice so going into work tomorrow should be oh-so-interesting.

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